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New Blog!

Well, some of my facebook friends have been telling me that I should just start a food blog considering how much I love to cook, and I’m always posting pictures of the food I’m making. So, I did it! Its handy that this year I made myself 2 goals, not resolutions because those never last. This year, I plan on saving money (haha, lets be real, it’s going towards the wedding), by putting aside a dollar for the number of week we are in in the year (ex. $1 for week one, $5 for week 5….until you reach $52 for the last week of the year…at the end of the year you will have over $1300). My second goal is to try a new recipe every week of the year…at least one recipe. So far, I’ve been able to do it, and have done 2 recipes 2 weeks out of the 4. So my other blog will be just food and recipes, maybe some funny stories added in, and it will be updated once a week. Since I have that commitment, I’m hoping that means I’ll be popping over to this blog also to update it more too! If you guys want to check out the other blog also, the address is : http://kitchenadventuresblog.wordpress.com/


Typical Tuesday

So from week to week, my days are pretty much the same. Mondays I get home from work, do a half hour work out, eat a little breakfast and then go to sleep. Wake up at 4 and every other week I go to my Girl Scout meeting. Tuesdays I get home, eat some breakfast, go to sleep, wake up at 4, workout then watch Idol, Fringe, My Boys and make dinner….you get the idea. Sometimes I wish it would get mixed up a little bit. But my roommate has a very set work schedule also, so my days/nights revolve around that also.

Last week and this week so far I was keeping my mind on this coming weekend. I’m going down to Eagan with my best friend Jess to hang out with my other best friend Matt at his place. We’re leaving sometime after work on Friday morning and staying down there Friday night. We’re planning on going to a University of St. Thomas band concert followed by a night out at the Acme Comedy Co. Should be a good time. Matt’s using this time to introduce me to a girl he’s been interested in. But the whole point to this weekend trip down to Eagan was so I could go to a rugby game on Saturday there. I don’t really know anything about rugby….but this guy I’m into played rugby in college, so I thought I’d give it a try and try to understand it. I honestly don’t understand the game, but I’m trying. I went to a game last weekend and I had a blast! The bad news, I got word last night, the guy I’m intersted in isn’t able to attend the game with us all on Saturday, but this also gives me more time to try to grasp the concept of the rules haha.


So now, I’m looking foward to, not only this weekend, but next weekend I’m also going down to the cities again, but this time it’s to watch the guy I’m interested in perform with the band he’s in. He’ll be performing Friday night in Spring Lake Park and then Saturday night in Prior Lake. I’m so blessed to have friends that live down in the cities that don’t mind giving up their couch for me to crash on haha. I actually prefer love seats considering I’m short. 🙂 I will definitly be putting pictures up from the shows on here.

So I started Weight Watchers in January, towards the end of the month and have so far lost almost 30 lbs. I’m super happy about it and I feel great!


Here’s a picture of me at Christmas time holding my little baby cousin Noah…..and here’s a picture of me at Easter…you can see it a little in my face, I think at least.



Well my dinner is finally done, some Turkey Burgers and mixed veggies and American Idol is on. So I’m off for now to rest a little more before going into work tonight. Until next time….Ciao!