We were supposed to get a bunch of rain today, some thunderstorms and I was excited!!!! I don’t like severe storms, but it’s so much nicer sleeping during the day when it’s raining. It did rain some, but when I woke up it was just cloudy and really hot, so I decided it was time to go for a walk. I walked down to the Quarry Nature Preserve about a quarter of a mile from my apartment and took some pictures. There was a bit of a breeze, but once I got on those trails the breeze was gone, the bugs were out and I was HOT! Here’s another blog of mainly just pictures, just some that I took on my walk through a very small area of the park.

The entrance to Quarry Park

Rock carving by the beginning of the main trails

Cute little bridge in some of the granite pieces by a little pond

You can see a lot of the stones that have fallen into the water

They use this pond for fishing and SCUBA diving

Prairie area of the park

I want to climb on these piles so badly...they're all over the park

This sign telling me I can't climb on them doesn't help things either

I'm uncertain as to who "them" are...or what roads I'm following..but it makes me want to find out!

Yes there is even rock climbing at the Quarry

This is the rock climbing area