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Brandon Unplugged

Okay…so I waited about a week to get questions, and it looks like it’ll be mine and Rach’s questions, with some added pictures of him and him and I 🙂 I hope you enjoy getting to know Brandon!

1)  Where do you work?

Eden Valley Watkins High School

2) What do you do there?


3) Favorite book?

The last one I read I think was Goosebumps back in 8th grade lol. But I do read the newspaper everyday!

4) Favorite animal?

Dogs…now can I have one? (lol!)
5) What is your favorite quality about Niki?

hmm…now to pick just one….I’d have to say her personality. She’s 99% of the time happy, we have a lot in common and she’s really easy to get a long with.

Halloween..we were Peter and Lois Griffin from Family Guy

6) Favorite movie?
Big Lebowski, Gran Torino, Legend of Baggar Vance, and last but not least THE Joe Dirt.

7)Favorite music?

80’s Music

8 ) If you could visit one country, which would it be?

It’s between Germany and Australia

9) Favorite food?

pizza, 100 million percent
10)What is your family like? (siblings, parents & your relationship with them)
I have 4 sisters and 1 brother, I’m the baby of the family. We get along when we’re not fighting lol. My oldest sister lives in Oregon with her family. I have 8 little nieces and nephews. And I have one sister getting married in 2 weeks. My mom works at the high school I work at, just during days instead of nights. And my father works at Cold Spring Granite Company. They’ve been married for around 33 years.

11) Which monster truck is the best?

Well it’s been awhile, but it used to be the Goldberg truck, I think Tom Mentz drives it though. And Grave Digger is a close second! When I was real little it used to be Bigfoot

12)Where are you starting school this fall and for what?

Ridgewater College in Willmar for X-Ray Tech…there’s a bigger word for it but I don’t remember what it is.

13) Do you want to have kids some day? If yes, how many?

Most definitely…4 or 5 (I was told last time 3 or 4….it keeps going up! lol)

14) Whats your favorite color?


15) What’s your favorite sport?


16) What’s your all time favorite sports team?


**Breaks out into song** Skol Vikings lets win this game! Skol Vikings honor your name! Go get the first down, then get a touchdown! ROCK EM! SOCK EM! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Skol Vikings run up the score, you’ll hear us yell for MORE! V-I-K-I-N-G-S Skol Vikings lets go!

17) Who’s your all time favorite athelete?

That’s tough…but I have to say Kirby Pucket is number 1….Randy Moss is a close second.

18) What’s your favorite sport to play?

Golf but it’s so expensive…and I enjoy tennis. Then probably basketball, baseball and football as a second.

19) What’s your favorite thing to do with Niki?

Watch a scary movie so she’s really close to me and I can “protect” her.

Well….I ran out of questions and that’s all I had been given also. I’m sure if you ever have anything else you want to know about him you can just post it lol. I’ll make him answer 😉 I hope this gives you a little bit more of an idea of the kind of guy he is, which is an amazing guy if you ask me!


Busy Day

So I got off of work about an hour ago and had originally planned on coming home and napping for a little bit, doing a little shopping and then off to the Eagan! But at some point during the night my supervisor came over to me and asked me when I was going to come over and see her new puppy. I said I didn’t know and she said that she was going to be home this morning from 7:30-10:30. So Jess and I decided we’d go over there between 8 and 9, stay for a little bit, head off for some shopping, come back to our respective apartments, shower, get all dolled up, pack up and head out. So much for that much needed nap! I’m hoping Matt doesn’t mind if I pass out on the love seat before we go out to the band concert tonight, because I have a feeling my eyes will not be staying open if all I’m doing is sitting around.

I’m very excited for this weekend though. On our drive down to Eagan we’re going to hit up some garage sales (LOVE THEM!) in some of the bigger ‘burbs around the cities (mainly Blaine lol), and then maybe hit up some around Matt’s apartment because he said there were quite a few nice looking ones around there. I’m sure if I find anything good I’ll take some pictures. There will be a lot of picture taking tomorrow at either the Rugby game we’re going to or an outside art gallery type thing….or who knows what we’re going to be doing. All I know is that when I get home tomorrow night I’m going to sleep soundly! Then Sunday the whole family is getting together and my dad and Fran’s house for Mother’s Day, I think sometime around 11:30….but I don’t really remember the time. Should be fun!

Update on Weight Watchers: I lost 5 pounds this week! That made me really happy because the week before I had gained 2.4 pounds. It was my first gain, and I knew it was coming but it was still hard. This puts me at a total of 31.8 pounds lost! I’m on my way to my goal…one step at a time!!!

Typical Tuesday

So from week to week, my days are pretty much the same. Mondays I get home from work, do a half hour work out, eat a little breakfast and then go to sleep. Wake up at 4 and every other week I go to my Girl Scout meeting. Tuesdays I get home, eat some breakfast, go to sleep, wake up at 4, workout then watch Idol, Fringe, My Boys and make dinner….you get the idea. Sometimes I wish it would get mixed up a little bit. But my roommate has a very set work schedule also, so my days/nights revolve around that also.

Last week and this week so far I was keeping my mind on this coming weekend. I’m going down to Eagan with my best friend Jess to hang out with my other best friend Matt at his place. We’re leaving sometime after work on Friday morning and staying down there Friday night. We’re planning on going to a University of St. Thomas band concert followed by a night out at the Acme Comedy Co. Should be a good time. Matt’s using this time to introduce me to a girl he’s been interested in. But the whole point to this weekend trip down to Eagan was so I could go to a rugby game on Saturday there. I don’t really know anything about rugby….but this guy I’m into played rugby in college, so I thought I’d give it a try and try to understand it. I honestly don’t understand the game, but I’m trying. I went to a game last weekend and I had a blast! The bad news, I got word last night, the guy I’m intersted in isn’t able to attend the game with us all on Saturday, but this also gives me more time to try to grasp the concept of the rules haha.


So now, I’m looking foward to, not only this weekend, but next weekend I’m also going down to the cities again, but this time it’s to watch the guy I’m interested in perform with the band he’s in. He’ll be performing Friday night in Spring Lake Park and then Saturday night in Prior Lake. I’m so blessed to have friends that live down in the cities that don’t mind giving up their couch for me to crash on haha. I actually prefer love seats considering I’m short. 🙂 I will definitly be putting pictures up from the shows on here.

So I started Weight Watchers in January, towards the end of the month and have so far lost almost 30 lbs. I’m super happy about it and I feel great!


Here’s a picture of me at Christmas time holding my little baby cousin Noah…..and here’s a picture of me at Easter…you can see it a little in my face, I think at least.



Well my dinner is finally done, some Turkey Burgers and mixed veggies and American Idol is on. So I’m off for now to rest a little more before going into work tonight. Until next time….Ciao!