So I’m super excited to give Brandon his gifts. I am horrible at waiting to give gifts because I love to see the appreciation on their faces and how much they love the gifts. I try to always make at least one thing for Brandon for Christmas, birthday, Valentines…really every gift giving holiday. This year I turned to pinterest for some inspiration. I’m seriously addicted to this website, but it gives me such great ideas for crafts, decorating, recipes…etc.

So this year I decided to make Brandon a gift telling him many reasons I love him. Pinterest shows a cute craft using a deck of cards and each card has a reason on it. You can use the front or back of the card, bind the cards or leave then separate. I write on the front and left them separate so we could use them if we wanted to.

When I first started, I realized that A) I didn’t think about placement of words, B) I didn’t realize how difficult it really is to come up with 52 reasons that are short enough to put on a card and not repeat. So I used the first deck of cards I bought as practice, because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my crafts. I also thought it would be cute to make the gift from me and Ragnar. So now not only did I come up with my own 52 reasons, but also 52 reasons our cat loves Brandon. This is the finished project:


thats the outside of the box for the
cards, and on the cards I wrote my reasons in pink, and Ragnar’s reasons in orange.