Just a few things I wanted to add today…one good, and one not so good.
Thursday night there was a cop ambushed and killed in Cold Spring, a little town I louvre close to, it’s where I went to high school. He was called to do a welfare check on someone thought to be contemplating suicide. When Officer Decker got out of his car and walked towards the apartment he was shot twice and died instantly. They caught the suspect and he’s being held in jail. Officer Decker had just celebrated his 31st birthday and his one year anniversary to his new wife. He leaves behind 4 young children (8,7,5,4) that love with his ex wife. I’m writing about this just to ask for prayers for his family. Officer Decker was a great guy, I’ve dealt with him my one and only time I had a mishap involving the cops and I couldn’t have asked for a better cop to talk to. So please, during this season, keep his family in your prayers.
On to the better news. The picture I posted from the little pink church, the one of the flower, is probably one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. After uploading them on facebook I had a friend ask if she could tag herself in it to use it as her cover photo. I said of course that’s fine. Today, same friend, told me she’s obsessed with the picture and wants to know if we can meet up some time at Target or Walmart so she can get a copy and enlarge it’s for her room. It makes me feel so good when I take pictures that others love as much as me! I really do love photography, so this just made my day!