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So I’m super excited to give Brandon his gifts. I am horrible at waiting to give gifts because I love to see the appreciation on their faces and how much they love the gifts. I try to always make at least one thing for Brandon for Christmas, birthday, Valentines…really every gift giving holiday. This year I turned to pinterest for some inspiration. I’m seriously addicted to this website, but it gives me such great ideas for crafts, decorating, recipes…etc.

So this year I decided to make Brandon a gift telling him many reasons I love him. Pinterest shows a cute craft using a deck of cards and each card has a reason on it. You can use the front or back of the card, bind the cards or leave then separate. I write on the front and left them separate so we could use them if we wanted to.

When I first started, I realized that A) I didn’t think about placement of words, B) I didn’t realize how difficult it really is to come up with 52 reasons that are short enough to put on a card and not repeat. So I used the first deck of cards I bought as practice, because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my crafts. I also thought it would be cute to make the gift from me and Ragnar. So now not only did I come up with my own 52 reasons, but also 52 reasons our cat loves Brandon. This is the finished project:


thats the outside of the box for the
cards, and on the cards I wrote my reasons in pink, and Ragnar’s reasons in orange.



Wedding things

Well, I think we have decided on June 14th, 2014 for the wedding. Even though we are waiting til after the holidays to ask people to be in the wedding, we are going to talk to Brandon’s sister and God daughter to ask if she’d like to be our flower girl. They live in Oregon, but will be home for Christmas, so I thought it’d be nice to ask her in person. Her name is Maddy, and she is absolutely beautiful and also incredibly shy. So, we aren’t positive if she’ll say yes, but I hope she does. I’ve also picked out my colors. Brandon keeps saying I tricked him because I’ve changed my mind since we first started talking of marriage. Originally I said I wanted a deep plum color with gold accent…Viking colors essentially. The more I thought about it…the less I wanted a Vikings themed wedding. So I picked a turquoise color and a purple color for my brides maids (alternating) with a golden accent color. That way he still has his Vikings colors, and it’s not doll Vikings theme. Here is a picture of the blue and purple I want. It’s on the upper right corner, ignore the rest of the picture lol.

I also don’t know style yet for the dress, but I like those colors. I also fell in love with these flowers


Not with white roses though. I think I also want to do something different for a guest book. I want to buy a bunch of quilt squares and have people sign them and then have a family member make the quilt for me. That way it’s something useful and still a reminder of everyone that shared our day with us. That’s all I’ve got right now, just thought I’d come on here and jot down our thoughts and plans so far.

Bad news, followed by good

Just a few things I wanted to add today…one good, and one not so good.
Thursday night there was a cop ambushed and killed in Cold Spring, a little town I louvre close to, it’s where I went to high school. He was called to do a welfare check on someone thought to be contemplating suicide. When Officer Decker got out of his car and walked towards the apartment he was shot twice and died instantly. They caught the suspect and he’s being held in jail. Officer Decker had just celebrated his 31st birthday and his one year anniversary to his new wife. He leaves behind 4 young children (8,7,5,4) that love with his ex wife. I’m writing about this just to ask for prayers for his family. Officer Decker was a great guy, I’ve dealt with him my one and only time I had a mishap involving the cops and I couldn’t have asked for a better cop to talk to. So please, during this season, keep his family in your prayers.
On to the better news. The picture I posted from the little pink church, the one of the flower, is probably one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. After uploading them on facebook I had a friend ask if she could tag herself in it to use it as her cover photo. I said of course that’s fine. Today, same friend, told me she’s obsessed with the picture and wants to know if we can meet up some time at Target or Walmart so she can get a copy and enlarge it’s for her room. It makes me feel so good when I take pictures that others love as much as me! I really do love photography, so this just made my day!



So over Thanksgiving and my birthday, Brandon and I were able to go out to Montana again. I loved it! It wasn’t super busy, but was filled with things to do everyday, and a lot of visiting. Saturday and Sunday we pretty much just stayed at home, which was nice. Monday we woke up, helped cut and stack some fire wood which was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed it, along with running and chasing Sassy to give her some love and attention also. After that we showered and went to visit grandma a little bit before I had to go back home to get ready for Aunt Mel’s jewelry party that night. Mark dropped mom and I off at Mel’s and then went back to pick up Brandon (we couldn’t fit 4 people in mom’s truck) and they sat at the Mint and watched Monday Night Football. After the party we went back home, watched a little bit of tv and then went to bed. I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed, when I opened the door to go back to the room Brandon was outside the door, down on one knee. I was completely shocked!! When he asked me to marry him, I didn’t know what else to say, and I wasn’t expecting this to happen out in Montana, so the first thing out of my mouth was “Are you serious?!” Which apparently wasn’t the right thing to say lol, but then when he was putting the ring on my finger, he stated “Your dad cried more than you did when I asked him.” I wasn’t sure how to take that either, but was really touched that he asked my dad’s permission before asking me.



Tuesday we went to Havre to do a little shopping on my birthday and get some great Chinese food! On the way home I asked mom if we could stop at this small pink church that I’m pretty much obsessed with. It’s boarded up and not really big, but I love it. And I made sure to pack my camera just in case mom said we could stop 🙂 So I got out, because no one else wanted to, and took some pictures.







Wednesday we decided to borrow Ryan, Mark’s sons’, truck and venture out to Zortman. Brandon had never been there so I was kind of excited. We showed him the jail, and the small little white church that is overlooking the whole town. It’s so pretty out there!



It was REALLY windy in Zortman, and mom almost got blown off the hill by the church! But it was a nice little visit. Of course it was getting dark so I didn’t get a lot of pictures outside, which I was bummed about. But oh well!


So Brandon and I have been discussing a lot of things to do with the wedding now more than before. We have decided on June of 2014, probably the 14th. We picked that far away because my big bills (hospital, student loans) will be paid off this spring, which makes me able to dive into wedding expenses after that. We’re not going to ask anyone to be part of the wedding until after the new year so we can just focus on the holidays, family and fun…and we’re also moving into together in February, so after all of that is when we’ll probably be asking people to be a part of our big day. I’ve already got my colors picked out, and for the most part, who I want to ask to be my bridesmaids/maid of honor. I’m really excited and SO happy!!! Hopefully I’ll be updating this more often when we make decisions on things concerning the wedding, that way I can keep all of you updated on how that’s going too. And if anyone has any tips or advice on anything…I’m open to hear it!