So I’ve been really busy lately, however I really haven’t been doing much. I did start to sell jewelry with a company called Premier Designs. It’s a company founded on Biblical principles, and so far I LOVE it!! I do mostly home shows, but I do do direct sales also. I’ve had 3 shows so far and made WAY more than I’ve put into it so far. Which is a great feeling. I decided to do this in hopes of paying off my surgery bills a little quicker and also to be able to save up for an eventual wedding between Brandon and I lol.

This weekend my best friend Jess is getting married. I’m SUPER excited for this!!! Also, I’m going to be starting a blog for my jewelry stuff. Just a sight I can blog about different jewelry combos, and anything else fashion wise that I find interesting. Sorry no pictures, but there will be pictures after this weekend. Love ya all!!!!