I was so thankful this year to be able to spend my holiday, and birthday with my family in Montana and Brandon. I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, or would have liked, but I do have some good ones. To start, Brandon and I got on the train an hour late, then the train ended up still being another 2 hours later upon arrival, so instead of getting in at about 1, we got in at 4. I was just glad to make it. Mark made us some delicious food while we were out there, chicken enchilada’s, two crust pizza (kind of like stuffed pizza), (he even made the crust himself!), turkey dinner with all the trimmings, omellets, homemade hashbrowns (okay, mom made some of the breakfasts and turkey dinner). So much for hitting my goal weight, lol, but oh well, it was all worth it!

On my birthday we had the stuffed pizza, watched football, and had some cake and ice cream. I made the cake Weight Watchers style so I knew it wasn’t as bad as normal cake. One day we ran to Havre to do a little shopping and we ran into Mandi and Ryan. So Brandon got to meet them right away. We ran to the Court House to see Tami, she was actually the first relative Brandon got to meet. We spent one night playing Trivial Pursuit, guys versus girls. I hate to say that mom and I lost, 😦  But it was a blast! Wednesday we ran to Grandma’s so Brandon got to meet her and Sean. He said he was thankful he got to slowly meet family and not just get thrown into a large room filled with people he didn’t know.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. So that afternoon we had just some snacks, BBQ smokies, veggie tray, and shrimp dip. At grandma’s we had the whole sha-bang for dinner. Turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, buns, veggies, and I know I’m missing stuff, all I know is I ate WAY too much! Then for dessert there was pumpkin pie, banana cream pie and two tone dessert. Brandon’s favorite pie is banana cream, and he had never heard of two tone. I left with the recipe for two tone dessert lol. After dinner we went for a walk with Mel and Sean for at least an hour. It was nice to get out and exercise a little after over eating and it was nice to get some one on one time with relatives. It gave Mel and Sean a chance to really get to know Brandon and Brandon them. We stopped at Mandi and Ryan’s house so Brandon could meet their kids and I could see them again. After the walk we went back home. Friday we were supposed to have another turkey dinner with mom and Mark, but the turkey wasn’t completely thawed out, so we ordered a pizza from Stretches. After eating some pizza Brandon and I went back to Mel and Sean’s to play some Mario Party on the Wii and watch the movie Tangled. Such a cute movie!!!! After the movie I showed Mel everyone’s blogs on here, and mine so she can keep up with all of us and Brandon played some sports video game with Sean. It was nice to be able to just sit down and talk with Mel. We talked about some things I really haven’t ever talked about and it was nice to finally open up about things that i’ve went through.

On our way to Mel and Sean’s Friday night, Jim and Nancy called my cell phone to let me know they just got home and wondered if Friday night or Saturday morning would work best to go see them. I said Saturday would work best. So we made plans to stop by there the next morning. I was really excited for Brandon to get the chance to meet Jim and Nancy because most of my memories of being in Montana take place at their place with their kids. I’m still sad that Brandon as only met Sam out of that family, but thankful he’s gotten to at lesat meet him and Jim and Nancy (along with other members of the family).

While we were sitting at Jim and Nancy’s on Saturday morning Brandon was saying how he knew my family would nbe nice, but he wasn’t prepared for everyone to be as nice as they are and as giving and selfless. He said that everyone has made him feel so welcome and at home which meant a lot because this was the first holiday he has spent away from his family. As he was saying all of this he started to tear up, a few escaped. It was so hard not to cry with him. After visiting, we had the turkey dinner with mom and Mark. We used left over turkey for sandwhiches. After lunch we went to visit grandma and say our goodbyes. I took a picture with Grandma, Brandon, and Doris. Then we went back to the house to finish packing and wait for the train which was already 3 hours late.

I was so glad he loved everyone and that everyone liked him so much. Mel, Tami, and Jim and Nancy all said that he was a great guy and seemed so nice and loving. It means a lot that everyone liked him so much and that everyone was so welcoming to him. I didn’t doubt that they wouldn’t be, but it’s still nice.

I really am blessed to have such a wonderful family! It’s hard not being able to see everyone more often, but it just makes the time we spend together that much more special. OH! Also, everyone that I saw loved my ring I won! I brought it with to show the family, no we aren’t engaged yet, but I was informed that Plan A won’t work, but Plan B will be set in motion…I wasn’t told when, but he does have a plan, which means I have to continue to try and be patient.


Here are the few pictures I took this week: