So I started thinking the other week how Brandon and I really haven’t been doing anything lately at all. We sit at home, or maybe go out a little bit, but nothing blog worthy. Brandon did get a job, he works at a place called Extreme Pita. It has DELICIOUS!!! food. I’ve tried almost every pita there, haven’t found one that I don’t like. He loves his job, he gets to do a lot of chopping, and cooking and dealing with some people.  He was actually asked also if after the holidays if he’d be able to work some evenings and be kind of like another assistant manager, he’d be in charge the nights he’s working. I was super excited for him! I’m hoping with that comes a raise, but right now I’m just so thankful he has a job that he loves!

Last weekend we got to celebrate Brandon’s niece, Kaylee’s, baptism. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a Catholic service, it was weird to sit through a mass. But the baby did amazing!!! here are some pictures of his family and the baby.

L-R: Bob (Brandon's dad), Mallory (sister), Grandma, Mallory's husband's grandma, Mallory's husband (also named Brandon), Mary Kay (mom)


L-R: Bubba AKA. Eric Jr.(nephew), Gabby (niece), Grace (niece), and of course baby Kaylee


Dylan (Nephew)


Brandon and I...we argued over who got to hold her...I won 🙂


I loved to see how much the other nieces and nephews loved and wanted to hold Kaylee. The baby is an absolute angel, very well behaved and so cute! I absolutely love her! Also, my cousin Sam (Feldhege), had a baby girl yesterday, named Layla Angelynn. She’s also precious from what I can see in pictures, I haven’t gotten a chance to meet her yet. So many babies!!!

On a different note, I thought I’d share pictures of the apartment I live in. So here it is:

If you walk through my bedroom door and immediately look left, this is what you’ll see: 


Here’s my bed:


This is what I look at if I sit up in bed and look to the opposite wall:

Little cluttered, little messy....

If you open my closet door and look in, this is what you see:

**Warning, I could probably sleep 3 people comfortably in my closet**

I have a lot of clothes, a lot of cook books, and a lot of food in my closet. I keep the overflow of non perishable food in my closet, that way I can stock up when things go on sale. I love my big closet!!!

When you walk into my room, if you’d go to the right immediately you’d find my bathroom:



And then when you walk back out of my room you’d walk into the dining room, with the living room to the right, and the kitchen straight ahead. Along with the other two bedrooms, a bathroom and a huge hall cloest that has all of our board games in it!!!


All of my movies.....yes those are just mine, none of my roommates....




Too small of a kitchen!!!!!


Well I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my apartment lol.


I would also like to add, that all of the stuff by the kitchen was because we had just finished rearanging Angela’s room…so a lot of her stuff was in the kitchen before it went back into the bedroom. Lol it’s all clean now 🙂