So this weekend Brandon and I went our seperate ways. No we didn’t break up, he had a guys day at the Twins game on Saturday and Angela and I went on a small road trip. We decided to google Mini Golf Courses in MN and pick a couple close to each other and go see them. So we went up to Pirates Cove in Brainerd, ( and Wildwedge in Pequot Lakes ( It was a blast! It wasn’t super hot out, in fact the sun wasn’t out most of the day. And the two courses were very different from each other. Pirates Cove was the best one we went to. We did the 36 hole challenege there, and then just 18 holes at Wildwedge.

There's actually a hole on the ship

For lunch we went to the Brainerd Lakes Cafe. They offer a Gluten Free menu, which is good since Angela is Gluten Free. I had a Hungarian Mushroom soup for an appetizer and then a Chicken Ceasar Wrap with French Fries.  DELICIOUS!!!!

Wildwedge was a little more, run down than Pirates Cove. But it was still very pretty with some beautiful landscaping!

Angela's ball going over the water, really it went into the water lol

It was a great day! I bought a souvenier golf ball at each place. At Pirates Cove it is painted like a football and at Wildwedge it’s got daisies all over it. I write on them where I was, the date and who I was with. It is added to my collection I have started. It’s kind of a neat collection, and none of them are alike.