So you’ll have to wait til the end to hear the exciting news, and no it doesn’t involve a ring lol.

Starting last week sometime, we’ve been going through a HUGE heat wave! Today, with the heat index, it’s around 110! ICK! Walking outside is like walking face first into a brick wall. So I’ve been trying to avoid outside with everything I’ve got. Friday night, Chrissy came over and I was showing her clothes I picked up at a garage sale for a little baby we’re expecting in Brandon’s family. One of the dresses I noticed had a HORRIBLE stain on it and it was caked on it. So I decided I’d just get rid of it.Well after going through the bag, Chrissy made a comment about whether or not Ragnar would like to have clothes on. So, of course I had to find out….and the answer was he doesn’t like them…but we did it anyways, with pictures!










I felt a little bad putting it on him, but it was still funny and entertaining. So after that, I had mentioned to Chrissy possibly going to a near by flower garden the following day if it’s not overly hot and taking some pictures of her. She’s lost 50 lbs so far and wanted some nice pictures of her after the weight loss. I offered to take them if she wanted. Here are a few of my favorites, I didn’t take as many as I wanted because it was a lot hotter than I was thinking it was.






And then I asked if she’d take a few pictures of Brandon and I. Which she agreed to, but it was SO hot and so Brandon was kind of crabby lol.



This whole weekend we were waiting for Brandon’s sister, Mallory, to have her baby. Sunday night she came to work and we all sent her to the hospital when she exclaimed that she thought her water had broke before she got to work. Well today was the day. Little Kaylee Rae finally came into the world at 12:34 pm today, waithing 6 lbs 9oz and is 19 in long. She is adorable and doing great, and so it mommy, even after 36 hours of labor!

Proud Mommy and little Princess!