Well Friday night we had one big storm! About 80 mph winds, hail, cloud to ground lightning. It was crazy! I didn’t have my camera though. I was sad about it, and Brandon wouldn’t let me go outside and take pictures with his camera, which was probably a better idea. So Saturday we went back to my apartment and really did nothing all day and night. It was really nice, just to sit and relax. We actually used the pool at my apartment. It was really nice and relaxing. So much fun.While we were in the pool we noticed there were some grills by the pool and playground equipment. So we made a plan to try grilling on Sunday. We’ve never grilled together before….first time for everything!

So Sunday, we decided we were going to cook some chicken I won at a meat raffle. It was leg quarters, so just legs and thighs. And we decided to make some Hobo Potatoes. Which is just potatoes, carrots, onions and we added mushrooms, wrap it in tinfoil with butter and seasonings. DELICIOUS!!! So our first task, was start the fire…we did that.

The little grill with the coals going
It took awhile to get the coals good to start grilling on, and I got bored. So I went to the one swing on the equipment lol.
After the coals got going we put some tinfoil down on the grill and put the chicken on it. We put tinfoil down because the grill looked nasty. Mainly because I’m sure noone really ever cleans them.


We ended up having a small fire. Okay, not so small. I didn’t get pictures because I was trying to help Brandon save our food. And actually the fire didn’t hurt the food at all. Here’s our finished plate:


So after we ate, and drank a couple glasses of wine, we decided to play some cards. We sit around and play a lot of cards, I love it! So when we were sitting around the coffee table playing cards, Ragnar decided to try to play with us too. He’s so gosh darn cute!!!



Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!!