This weekend we were a little busy. Friday night Brandon and I went to a local bar so he could play in a poker tournament. We went 2 weeks ago and Brandon took first, winning $40 and $20 in Gift Certificates for the place. So we used the certificates to eat their buffet before cards started. Unfortunately, he didn’t win this week. But he had fun, and it’s only $5 to enter. Then on Saturday we had my cousin Katie’s grad party in Buffalo and my roommates birthday. We met at a Mediterranean style restaraunt. It was DELICIOUS! Brandon and I shared a dish. We had Lobster Bisque to start off with and then shared a Lobster and Shrimp Alfredo pasta. And finished it off with a Conole. I wish I would have taken pictures.

After eating we went to Angela’s parents house where we had a small camp fire and shot off some fireworks.

Mind you these are Minnesota fireworks, so they don’t ever leave the ground. But they are pretty and fun. Also, I took a picture of the gift Brandon and I gave Angela. We made her a coupon good for one free meal, cooked by us, whenever she’d like. We made it in the style of a restaraunt menu.

This is what Angela told Brandon and I, when we first started dating, that we had to name the restaraunt we want to open

Then this morning, after showering, Brandon and I realized how badly he needs a haircut. This is how he asked if he should style his hair today.
I laughed really hard at him. So then after the hair episode, we started to get our dinner ready and get my Taco Enchilada Bake ready for work tonight. We’re having a pot luck to celebrate my supervisor’s 25 years with our company. For dinner we made a Teriyaki Turkey Tenderloin and Twice Baked Potatoes. It was delicious! Brandon was excited that I had purchased the Mix and Mash from Pampered Chef so he had something to use to mash the potatoes aside from a wooden spoon. Here’s how dinner turned out:

Putting potatoes back into the shells for the twice baked


Brandon was very specific with where the turkey bacon chunks went