So this weekend we had Brandon’s cousins surprise party. We were all instructed to wear orange, and I wasn’t aware of all the different shades until people showed up. Wow! I also didn’t realize everyone owned orange (it’s possible they all did what i did and went out and bought some). I told Brandon as we were getting ready I was going to take a picture of us together, yeah that never happened. I completely forgot once we got there! But I do have a lot of super cute pictures of his cousin’s kids and of other random things!

We found out that day too that his cousin, Tonya, knew about the party. Apparently the details on how to get her to her mom’s house weren’t completely ironed out or shared with those involved and her supervisor at work came up to her and said he couldn’t make it to her party on Saturday. When she asked what party he realized it was supposed to be a surprise. But she didn’t let on to her mom that she knew because she knew how hard her mom had worked on putting this together. All in all it was a blast! There was some bean bag games, volleyball games, ‘polish golf’ games, and just some good conversations!

Chrissy and I waiting for the birthday girl!


Making sure the birthday girl doesn't drive past us to avoid the orange mob


Birthday girls neice and nephew. The 2 boys on the left are twins, going to be 2 in July, the little boy on the right is their younger brother

Parker, one of the twin boys.










Carter, one of the twins, not too happy with picture time!


Dwayne jumping over Brandon

Dwayne and I were talking while Brandon was playing the bean bag toss game. Not sure how the topic got onto how he can jump over people, but he asked if Brandon scares easily. I said yes he does. So he said he was going to jump over him. I said okay, I’ll take a picture lol. This is actually the second time he did it. The first time I was farther away, and it scared Brandon half to death. All Dwayne does is run, place his hands on the shoulders and propell himself over. It was very impressive!