So back in…I think it was towards the beginning of April, I entered my name into a drawing on a local radio station. The “contest” required that you activate your name, and they would be calling names 4 times a day. If they say your name you had 10 minutes to call in. If you called in, you’d “spin” the wheel and it would tell you which prize line you got to pick off of. The lines were named K C L D Bonus (KCLD is the radio station call letters). Bonus prizes were worth $104, D was worth $1,047, L was worth $2500, C was $5000 and K were prizes like new cars and things.

So one day as I was getting out of the shower I saw that I had just missed a phone call, as I was checking who it was I got another phone call and about 5 text messages. Apparently my name had been called. So I called in real quick and just started shaking. I spun the wheel and landed on the L line. I then got to pick off of that line, any prize I wanted. I believe there were 6 or 7 prizes, all worth $2500. There were things like a sprinkler system, Gift certificate to a local liquor store (yes worth $2500…), new applicances…really just things I don’t need. But there were 2 diamond rings on the list. One was 1/2 carrat and one was 5/8 carrat. Both were from different jewelers. I picked the 5/8 carrat.

So Brandon and I went to pick it up that week Friday and that was pretty much the last time I saw it lol. He’s holding on to it until he feels he wants to use it to ask me to marry him. We’ve been talking for awhile about getting engaged and neither of us have the money for a ring or anything like that. So this was a HUGE blessing to win this. The ring is absolutly gorgeous!!! I don’t have any pictures to post on here this time, only because I want to wait until I get it back to put pictures up. I can describe it though. It’s got a center diamond, I belive Brilliant cut, and has 12 little diamonds all the way around it in groups of 3. The jeweler store sells it for $2500 but it’s appraised at $4200. I have the appraisal papers and everything for it. I’m really excited, however now I know he has the ring. So everytime we do something together and are alone I wonder if he’s going to ask me then, and then I get really excited and then let down when he doesn’t. So God not only blessed us by me winning the ring, but he’s also teaching me patience  with this!