So I finally got my lap top back, which means no more excuses to not blog!!! So for now, I’ll back track a little. Back March I ended up having an emergency surgery. This was the first time I had ever had to go to the hospital, and first time I’d ever had surgery. I was scared! But, to back up and go from the beginning of how it happened:

Thursday, March 3rd: I had been staying at my parents all week taking care of their animals with Brandon while they’re in Mexico. I had bowling league that night, Brandon wasn’t feeling the greatest so he stayed at my parents house while I went bowling. I came back and also wasn’t feeling the greatest. But I went to work anyway. On the way there I pulled over a few times thinking I was going to be sick. I didn’t throw up but I didn’t feel good. We were swamped at work so my supervisor asked if I could do whatever I needed to stay. We were having manditory overtime that Friday night and I couldn’t make it, so she said having 2 nights in a row with me gone would make that Friday night pointless. So I stayed. After a few hours of working my nauseous feeling went away and I felt fine, just really tired.

Friday, March 4th: By 4AM I started having a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. It was almost to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore. But I lasted through work, went home, and went to bed. I woke up in a few hours remembering I had to put the garbage out. So I ran upstairs, put the garbage out and came back in. I broke into tears while I was going back downstairs and crawling into bed. Brandon woke up and asked if I was okay. I told him I’d be fine, he was worried and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I replied back with a “No I don’t WANT to go to the hospital, who does?” I reassured him that I’d be okay, we went back to sleep and ignored it. When I woke up the pain was still there, but not as strong. We had plans to usher at a dinner theater that night and I refused to back out. So we got dressed up and went to the restaraunt. I was fine as long as I was sitting, standing and laying down hurt. We ushered, and sat and watched the play and ate dinner. I still had my appetite. We came home, watched a movie and went to sleep. I just propped pillows up so I wasn’t laying flat.

I had decided to self diagnose the pain Friday. I was taking stuff for gas, because I had thought maybe it was just gas pains. So I took the max that I could in 24 hours and that didn’t help. But I did get some sleep that night, just woke up a bunch.

Saturday, March 5th: I woke up in tears again. I agreed to call the clinic and at least talk to a nurse. I told her about the pain and what I was doing. She suggested taking a stool softener because maybe I was constipated. So we ran to the store and bought a stool softener. We came home, made some lunch and then sat on the couch and watched TV. My parents were getting home late that night so we had plans to do a game night with some friends. I had a few attacks of pain while watching tv but nothing major. Around 3 pm I had the strongest attack of pain I had ever had. Sitting hurt, laying hurt, walking hurt. There wasn’t anything I could do to make the pain go away. Brandon asked again if I wanted to go to the hospital, I said no, but then changed my mind to yes. I was scared but I didn’t know what else to do. I was still going off the thought of maybe it was constipation and I’d be in and out. So Brandon got some normal clothes on, I opted to stay in my pjs. He drove me to the Paynesville hospital and we had to wait a little bit. We were there for a lot of hours. They did some X-Rays, a CT scan and gave me a lot of morphine. The morphine didn’t help my pain, but it made me sick everytime I had another dose.

Before going to the hospital Brandon was really strong and so much help. At the hospital, he was scared when he realized the Dr.  didn’t know what was wrong right away. I saw him cry a few times, especially when he was trying to tell my dad that I was in the hospital. Around 10:00 that night I was told I was getting transfered to St. Cloud hospital for an ultrasound. I was put in an ambulance with some really nice EMTs. Brandon ran back to Richmond to get his car, and he picked up his sister Melanie who said she’d go with him and keep him company.

Sunday, March 7th: I was given an ultra sound of sorts (I’ll spare the details of the kind), and put into a room to wait for the results. When I got back into the room I was really happy to see Mel and Brandon waiting for me. I layed back on the elevated bed to try to sleep a little, I was SO tired! So I closed my eyes and waited. While my eyes were closed, I saw a flash of light through my closed eyelids and opened them up to see Brandon standing there holding my camera smiling. Lets just say I wasn’t real happy to know he took a picture of me. He defended his actions by saying he was taking pictures because he figured I’d want to blog.

My doctor came in and told me it was my right ovary. She said it had fallen and twisted, she wasn’t sure if it was dead or if she’d be able to go in and just put it back in place. So I had to get prepped for surgery. I didn’t know if I was going to be losing my ovary or not, I wouldn’t find out until after I woke up from the surgery. I sat in pre-op for hours. Since it was the weekend, only one operating room was being used, so I kept getting pushed back. 2 babies were born before my surgery and an appendix taken out. While I was in the pre-op they gave me a better pain med since the morphine wasn’t doing it. With that drug I was able to sit up on the bed and I didn’t feel any pain at all. It was great. Finally around 5am I was able to go in for surgery. I came out of surgery fine, and learned that my right ovary and felopian tube had to be removed. They were completely dead. Brandon was shown pictures, i’d be showed them Monday when I talked to my doctor.

I had a few visitors on Sunday after my surgery but we were getting a nasty snow storm. I felt so much better after the surgery, I didn’t realize how good I’d feel, I even said it was alright to take a few pictures, as long as Brandon was in one.

After I got out of surgery Brandon went to eat with some of his family. He figured I’d be sleeping when he came back, but instead he walked in and found me like this:

 I was kept over night, which I appreciated because neither Brandon or I were comfortable with me being home already. I wasn’t sure what was normal for pain and things after the surgery, since it was my first and all. Brandon stayed with me in my hospital room that night and took care of me the next 2 weeks at my apartment, making sure I didn’t over do it. I loved having him with me for that long, and it meant a lot to me that he’d push everything off to take care of me.  The hospital finally let me shower on Monday morning when I woke up.I hadn’t showered since Friday and I felt GROSS! After my shower I felt AMAZING!!! I even told Brandon to take a picture of me lol

I was told that my left ovary is completely healthy and fine, and I will still be able to have children. My right ovary wasn’t just dead either, it was enlarged to about 9.5 centimeters, which is huge since it should be the size of an almond. This was by far the scariest thing I’ve ever had to go through, but it was nice to see how much Brandon loves me that he’d take action and take care of me without ever thinking about himself.

Here are a few pictures of my flowers I got while I was there. Brandon’s family bought me the roses, and my roommate, Angela, got the bouquet of exotic type flowers. Both GORGEOUS!!!