This post will be mostly pictures, but it’ll still be good!!! Monday, May 16th was Brandon’s 25th birthday. We pretty much celebrated all weekend. Saturday night we went out bowling with a bunch of his cousins, actually to celebrate his cousin Darren’s 21st birthday.

L-R: Jen, Jess, Chrissy, and me in front

L-R: Aaron (Jess' fiance), Darren, Brandon

Sunday we helped out my little sister with her Silver Award for Girl Scouts and then just hung out with Brandon’s best friend Nick. We played some pool (I won all 3 games of Cut Throat), and sat in the hot tub too.
Monday Was my day to spend with Brandon. I gave him his gifts, a nice shirt/tie combo, a brand new watch, and dress shoes, all of which he wore to dinner. I think I was more excited for the dress shoes, but he hasn’t owned any since I’ve been dating him, and he’s expressed that he wants some. So After that, we ate some Subway, and then got ready for the day. We went back into St. Cloud and got ready to go out to eat. I took him to Red Lobster, which is his favorite restaraunt.
Here are the pictures from the night:

Appetizer: Lobster NachosOur Bottle of wine



Brandon's food: (Top going clockwise) Crab stuffed Shrimp, Shrimp Alfredo, BBQ Glazed Shrimp, French Fries


My food: (top going clockwise) Coconut shrimp bites w/Pina Colada sauce, Shrimp Alfredo, Crunchy Potato Shrimp w/ ranch bacon sauce,rice pilaf