So my lap top took a puke….and then the internet stopped working at Brandon’s….all of that equals me not blogging for a lot longer than I would have liked. So I figured since the internet is now working at Brandon’s again…I can update again!! YAY!!! I’ve really missed blogging!!!!

Brandon and I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday. He made me a delicious 4 course meal (a little help from his mom). It was so good, and so sweet. I absolutly loved it!!! I took pictures of the food, forgot to get a picture of us. But I will also be doing a blog of just pictures to catch everyone up as to what’s been going on since my last blog.

This is what I walked upstairs to see 🙂

Real rose bud in the napkin holder, and real rose petals on the table

Salad. The tomatoes are cut into rose buds

Shrimp stuffed Mushrooms

Main Course: Shrimp, scallops, green and red peppers, tomatoes, pea pods, onions over couscousDessert: Strawberry stuffed with mascarpone cheese and whipped cream


Another view


Dessert: strawberry stuffed with mascarpone cheese and whipped cream


And hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries!!!