The 3rd weekend in July is always River Lake Days. It’s Richmond’s little town celebration. Thursday starts the city wide garage sales, Friday the stands open up with food and drinks and kids games. Friday night is the first of the entertainment (this year was a hypnotist and juggler) and it’s followed by a local band. Saturday afternoon is some more entertainment, the parade is at 7 followed by another local band and fireworks. Well this year, was the first year in about 14-15 years that most of this was cancelled.

Saturday afternoon Brandon and I went up to the grounds to watch “Richmond’s Got Talent.” It’s a local talent show that ranges from magic acts, to family bands, to a unicyclist, to tap dancing and song writers. It was really good. As the last act, a family band, was finishing setting up one of the head people in charge of RLD yelled up on stage to get them going or get them off stage NOW…..I took that as a cue, along with the rolling dark clouds that it was time to go. I had forgotten my Thyroid pills in Paynesville anyways so we left to go get them. We dropped off Angela and she kept me updated on what was going on. The wall cloud coming in was green, they saw rotating clouds and then they headed to the basement. She sent me pictures of the hail coming down, it was baseball size. After the storm passed Brandon and I headed back in…here’s some of the pictures.

All of the leaves down on the road

Holes in the siding of my parents house

Ice left over after the storm...about 2 hours after

My parents cloth cover on their gazebo thing

The hood of my aunts car

The only glass broken on my aunts car

The parade started a little early this year because of another storm coming through. Unfortunately they didn’t get far into the parade before the rain hit and they cancelled the parade. But as with most parades, the law enforcement and the soldiers started the parade, and they walked the whole thing in the rain. When we noticed the soldiers were still walking the parade, my dad walked out to the end of the driveway and exclaimed that if the soldiers can walk in the rain, the least we can do is stand out here in it to support them. My whole family lined the end of the driveway and clapped and showed our support for the armed forces.

Here are some pictures of the clouds after the parade….one of them has a little bit of a lightning bolt in it.

And a bonus picture I took when we left Richmond before the hail. This is in Brandon’s backyard.