Well this weekend was long, but didn’t feel long enough. Friday morning I got my first mani and pedi and it was WONDERFUL! Very relaxing and a lot of fun. Right after that I had to meet up with my Girl Scout troop to help out with our fundraiser, a burger and brat stand outside the grocery store in Cold Spring. It was a lot of fun and I think we did pretty well. Here’s a few pictures that were taken…my “little sister”, Lauren, took the ones of me…not real flattering, but oh well.

By the time I left the stand at 4:30 I had been up for almost 28 hours straight. So I went straight to Brandon’s, slept a few hours, woke up and realized I got sun burned on my left arm and left side of my chest. Yay for the sun! I stayed up for a few hours playing cards with him and his family and then went to bed. On Saturday we spent some time with some of his family, going to a park where the kids could play on this really neat looking playground and the adults sat around and played Carbles. It was fun. Brandon and I then left to go meet up with his friend Amanda and her family. We watched the fireworks on the lake from Amanda’s little fishing boat. It was windy and there were some waves….and that’s when I learned that 4 people, 3 not so little, in a little boat, when it’s kind of rough waters is a bad idea. The nose of the boat went under once or twice, we took on a bit of water but we made it back to the dock!

Sunday Brandon and I had the house to ourselves. We cleaned his car really good, cooked some dinner and then just sat around and enjoyed the quiet. We just made some spaghetti, nothing too fancy or hard.

Sorry I didn’t have a lot of pictures of the things we did. I just didn’t really have the opportunities to use my camera. This coming weekend we’ve got a surprise anniversary party on Saturday night, and Sunday going out to my friends farm for a little for his birthday. Friday night Brandon will be golfing with his family again. I’m really glad he’s able to golf with them on Friday’s, he loves it.

Here’s a bonus picture. I’ve got this one blown up and I’m looking for a frame for it.