Well since it’s been awhile I’m going to combine pictures from the few things that have happened since the last update. My camera was MIA for a week while it went to Texas with Angela. It came back just fine, no sun burn (haha). While it wasn’t a great reason to be in Montana I did have a blast seeing all of my cousins. Here are a few pictures I took that I loved!

Mom and I

Gibson eating his first chip

Christian and Jadyn...Jadyn smiled right after the picture

Me, Carl, Christian and Gibson

Aaron being Aaron lol

Me holding a sleeping JadynI just want to say that after she woke up and saw it was me holding her….she freaked out and started crying. Apparently waking up in the arms of a stranger was not a good thing.

Kelly and I

The week after I got back from Montana I got to go down to Iowa again to watch my friend Shane and his band open up for National Recording Country Artist Phil Vassar. It was a great time!!! Here’s just a few pictures of my friends and I.

Jess and I....I think Adam sneezed or something when I took it lol


Me, Jess, Adam and Shane

And tonight I invited Brandon over for dinner. I had a recipe I found back in high school that I thought sounded delicious that I made for him. It’s called Quick Chicken. All it is is Chicken breasts slathered in Dijon Mustard and Teriyaki Sauce with Parmesan Cheese and bacon bits over it and you back it for 30 minutes. So for a side I found a recipe for Twice Baked Potatoes using the microwave and alfredo sauce.

He asked if he could help....so I put him to work 🙂

And I also found a recipe for cheddar green beans. It was delicious!!! We decided that next time not as much mustard on the chicken, but still very good! Here’s a picture of the chicken cooking and then the finished product! It doesn’t look that great in photo, but in person it looked GREAT!

His whole family is just shocked that we can cook together and no bicker back and forth. We both love to cook so it’s fun to create something together like this. Hopefully we’ll get to cook together soon again. I found another recipe that I’d like to try…it’s Creamy Italian Chicken…I’ll let you know how it turns out when I make it!