Tuesday morning my Grandpa Fauth went on to meet our Creator. He lived a long, 87 years, and fulfilled life. He got to meet a few great-grandchildren and had handfuls of grandchildren that simply adored him. I didn’t cry when I found out he had passed away because I knew it’s not what he’d want. He was ready and so excited to go to Heaven that I was happy he was finally where he’s wanted to be for so long.

The thing I will always remember is Grandpa’s Stories. I’d come back from my vacations out there with tapes of his stories and I would listen to them day and night have pass them on to some of my friends. He was the worlds greatest story teller. Just recently I was going through old pictures of when I was younger with Brandon and I found a bunch of all of us grandkids sitting on a blanket or just on the floor just staring intently at Grandpa has he told us “just one more” before we had to go to bed.

I also remember the old place and running around with the dogs, Skipper and Ginger, and watching Grandpa in the post office and helping him to collect chicken eggs. I have so many amazing memories of him and I know he’ll live on through all of our memories and stories and we pass them along to our children and our grandchildren. I’m so glad that I still have a few of the tapes he made and sent to me, they will be cherrished and treasured forever.