Brandon’s sister got married May 22nd and it was BEAUTIFUL! The weather for the pictures wasn’t cooperating right away, it was raining but then it cleared up and turned out amazing. I ended up being named a Bridal Assistant because her second one didn’t show up and the one that was there wasn’t doing anything. The bride arrived to the outside wedding in a horse drawn carriage, the sun came out for the wedding, the reception was a blast….all in all it was perfect. Here’s some pictures from the wedding.

This is Mallory

L-R: Jeniffer (grooms sister), Miriah, Mallory, Melanie, Mandy. The other brides maids are Brandon's sistsers

Mallory with her niece the flower girl, Grace

The whole wedding party

This is Brandon's whole family. L-R front row: Mandy, Miriah, Brandon, Melanie, Barry. Top Row: Mary Kay (mom), Mallory, Bob (dad)

Brandon and I

Brandon and his sister Melanie

The bride arriving

Officially Married now!

Brandon and his God-daughter/neice Madelyn

I have a lot of other pictures I took on facebook too…but these were some of my favorites.