Well this weekend was a COMPLETE success!!!! Friday afternoon when we woke up I let him open up the CD I gave him, he loved it. I also gave him the dress shirt because he was going to ask his mom to iron his dress shirt and pants for him while he was at work, so I gave him the new shirt. His mom also loved the shirt. Brandon also added that now he can buy a Vikings tie and have a shirt to wear with it since the dress shirt I bought him was purple.

We went out to Ciati’s, which is a really nice Italian restaurant and were able to sit out on the patio because it was GORGEOUS! I had the waitress take a picture of us.

We ordered a bottle of wine, an appetizer, main course and then dessert. I wanted him to have the whole experience! Here’s pictures of our meal!

It WAS the Wild Mushroom Tartlett...I remembered to take a picture when there was a bite left..oops


Delicious salad!

Brandon's food...masticciolli...or something like that lol

My meal, Chicken parmigiana

And finally, the dessert! Tiramsu!

I had to yell at Brandon before I took the picture of the Tiramasu. He grabbed his spoon and almost dug in. He dropped his spoon and then let me take the picture lol. The meal was very good and we ended up taking half of our food home. After Ciati’s we went to his best friend Amanda’s parents for a bon fire. We brought regular clothes with to change into. It was fun. Brandon ended up rolling down the hill and off a 4 ft retaining wall and surprisingly didn’t get hurt too badly. His right arm and right calf got a little scraped and bruised and he said his left butt cheek got a little scraped up. But with a fall like that I’d say he did good.

At the bottom of the retaining wall he fell off of

Sunday was his actual birthday, he opened up the frame I put together and almost started to cry. He said it’s the best gift he’s ever been given, which made me feel really good. It’s kind of a focal point in his room now 🙂 That evening we met his friends Neil and Emily for dinner at Mexican Village where Brandon got a free meal. It was really good, and after that Neil paid for Brandon and him to golf a small 9 hole course here in St. Cloud. Emily and I drove the golf carts. Here are a few pictures of him golfing!

You can tell from the face...it wasn't a good putt lol

Lookin' good cruisin' around!

Searching for the ball!

That night he thanked me for making this birthday the best he’s ever had. No one’s ever really made a day completely his. I told him we could do whatever he wanted, and he said the best part of the whole weekend was that it was spent with me 🙂 We watched the movie Vantage Point when we got home while I was cross stitching and then we went to bed. It was a great weekend and I had a blast too.

Here’s the next picture in the cross stitching contest!

And one random picture I took one morning it was raining!