Well I just wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on within the last week. Last week I decided to go in for a physical, first one I’ve had since I think high school so I figured it was time. They took blood work and said they’d give me a call when the results came in. Well it turns out that I have an under active thyroid. Which would explain why it’s been so hard for me to lose the weight this time around on Weight Watchers and why I seem to be tired a lot more. A normal person’s thyroid levels are between .49 and 4.67 and my thyroid level was at a 19.51. So they put me on medication today, just a low dose and after 3 months I’ll go back in again to see how my levels are and if they’ve gone down to around a 2 then they’ll keep me at the low dose, otherwise they’ll increase it. So hopefully after the medication gets into my system I’ll be back on track with losing the weight!