This weekend is Brandon’s birthday, Sunday to be exact. He’ll be 24. I believe we’re going to go out to eat at a local restaurant, Ciati’s. It’s kind of a fancier restaurant so I think we’re going to be getting all dressed up. So I bought him a new dress shirt, because he’s been wanting on for awhile. This is the one I bought, I’m hoping he likes it.

He likes being all dressed up so I’m really excited, I think I’ll be wearing a brown dress that I’ve got. I bought him the Delmon Young jersey a month or so ago as an early birthday gift, but I can’t just leave it at that lol. So I bought him that shirt and also put together this frame that I bought.

I couldn’t get any of the photo kiosks to print off the size of pictures I needed, so I had to just stick with the wallet size and bought some scrap booking paper to put behind the pictures. Picking the pictures I wanted to use was difficult. But I had my favorite,and I knew his favorite of us so after that it was just ones that I knew we both kind of liked. I’m sure I’ll have pictures of us all dressed up and and update on how the day went πŸ™‚

Also, while I was in the craft store by my apartment getting the scrap booking paper I decided to look at the cross stitching crafts. I saw one that I’ve been looking at for about a year now that I think is super cute, it was the last one and on sale so I bought. I got home, started it and then found that I obviously caved awhile ago and bought it. So now I have 2 of the same project, and instead of returning one I decided I’d make this into a little contest. I’ll post pictures of how far along I am with the project from time to time and the first person to guess what it is I’m cross stitching will get the project when I finish it. So here’s how far I am so far…and good luck guessing!