So Friday I got a text message from my friend Adam telling me he was going to be home for a few hours. I was really excited because this meant I got to go out to the farm! His family owns and runs a dairy farm, I love being out there. So I showered, ran to my friend Angela’s and painted her toe nails for her night out like I promised I would and then drove out to the farm. Adam just had to do some welding of some stalls in the free stall barn. The cows decided they liked more room and knocked down a lot of the bars so he had to put them back up. I was in charge of taking pictures! So really….this blog is just going to be pictures of the farm. Saturday night I was at a bachelorette party for Brandon’s sister but I didn’t take many pictures because I wasn’t feeling the greatest. So farm pictures it is!

Adam welding

Getting bored taking pictures of Adam welding

Taking a break

Looking down the stalls

Yes he was driving like this

Still welding

Raining fire

And my all time favorite picture is of a Rooster that I noticed early on. He has 2 long feathers in his tail and so I called him the Robin Hood of the chickens because of the feathers. Later on I shortened it to Rooster Hood.

Rooster Hood