This last weekend Brandon, Jess, her boyfriend Aaron, and I drove out to Chicago.  It’s an 8 hour car ride…not horrible, but still really long. We left Friday morning a little before 8am and got to our hotel about 3:30.

Brandon and I sat in the back and had a cooler in between us. We packed 2 sandwiches for each person, had some food in there for tailgating and then some beverages. Needless to say….the backseat was full! Made it kind of hard to sleep since I worked the night before.

A nice White Sox fan offered to take a picture of our group with U.S. Cellular Field behind us. The fans we were around while tail gating all seemed very nice and friendly, despite the fact that we were all sporting our Twins gear! The field was really nice and it was cool to experience the outdoors baseball before the home opener at Target Field…which I am currently watching right now. It’s the bottom of the 6th, we’re winning 4-1! GO TWINS!!!

This was the grill we brought with us for the tail gating. Isn’t it cute?! Jess won it last year, and we got to break it in out in Chicago. We brought some brats and burgers to grill up…they were DELICIOUS!!!!

Friday nights game was FREEZING!!! It was only about 40 some degrees. I had on a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt under my jersey. Plus I ended up having to buy some gloves, they say Sox on them so Brandon told me I need to burn them when I get home…I’m not burning them. And then we also had the blanket that I had made Tuesday night…which I’m glad I did, it came in handy. We ended up winning Friday night which was nice. After the game we went straight back to the hotel and I fell asleep almost instantly!

Saturday was GORGEOUS!!! It was around 70 some degrees so I was wearing a tank top under my jersey and capri’s. Such a drastic difference from the night before, but wasn’t going to argue at all! It was gorgeous! We had great seats both games, we were upper deck but 5th row on Friday night along the 1st base side and 2nd row on Saturday closer to home plate ont he 1st base side again. For both games and one night in the hotel it was only $66.77 a person! Can’t beat that! Plus we won both games…which makes it all even better!

Church I could see from the exit ramp from the field

The whole group

Chicago Skyline

Sorry this is getting to be a long post…lol it’s going to keep going!!! So since we were going to Chicago, and I’m a HUGE Cubs fan (I wore my Cubs shirt for the drive to Chicago), I said that I wasn’t leaving until I saw Wrigley Field…and I was granted my wish!

I was the happiest I’ve been in awhile….and I had to go touch it lol. I got my picture taken with the statue of Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cubs”. 2 Women were walking by me while I was taking a picture of the statue and offered to take my picture with the statue. They were very nice, and then offered a suggestion for pizza because Brandon said that was the one thing he wanted to do while in Chicago was get some authentic Chicago style pizza. They suggested Gino’s, we googled it, got the address, put that into our GPS and we were off!

As seen on the Travel Channel

It was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! It was 45 minutes for the deep dish to be made, but it was well worth the wait! The crust was really crumbly, it reminded Jess and I of like a corn bread muffin, but a little harder. I think they put the cheese down first and the sauce and toppings on top. One piece of this pizza was PLENTY! I was so full, so Brandon and I took the left overs home and had lunch on Sunday lol. Brandon loved the pizza….he even licked his plate clean!

While we were driving to Gino’s we passed a little beach with some longer docks going out into the water. It wasn’t Navy Pier, but we could see Navy Pier from where we were so we stopped and took some pictures there before we started our long journey back home.

Brandon and I with the Chicago Skyline behind us and Lake Michigan

🙂 This one is Brandon's favorite picture of us

Jess and I were standing in Lake was COLD!

My eyes match the color of the water, I was amazed by this and took a lot of pictures of me and the water lol

I drew in the sand by the water

During Saturdays game they had a texting trivia question. They gave you the number to text and had the question up on the screen and then announced your choices. You were supposed to text A, B, C, or D to the number…so I figured I’d try it. Well I ended up winning. Around inning 6 I got a text saying I was the winner and to show the people at Guest Services this message…So I got to take the elevator down to the main level to redeem my prize. I won this Sox shirt and an autographed picture of their pitcher Jenks. I was excited! And of course I also had to buy some Wrigley stuff while I was in Chicago, so I bought this T-shirt and sweatshirt.

These obviously aren’t all of my pictures, I’ll have the rest of them up on facebook if you want to see more of them. The 4 of us are already talking about our next road trip…either to St. Louis to see the arch or maybe to Omaha to see the amazing zoo they have there!! Who knows?!