Wow it’s nice to have a camera again!!! I’m not going to do a huge recap on things, because most of you have probably kept up with me on facebook and stuff, but I will start with when I have pictures!

It’s been GORGEOUS here so I got to start rollerblading earlier this year than ever before. This is a picture heading back to my car with the bright blue sky. I liked how 2 jets had crossed paths in the sky making an X.

I liked how the flag looked through the tree with the blue sky. It was just a gorgeous day…I was actually wearing capri’s and a tank top when I was rollerblading…and it was March….so weird.

This last Friday when I got to Brandon’s there was a single red rose waiting for me. He got it at work the night before for free, but it’s still super sweet. I loved it and it was for no reason at all! It’s so pretty, and actually still doing well a week later!

Brandon went out to play tennis with his cousin, first time this year. He loves playing tennis and golf….I’m not a huge fan of playing either…so I offer to go along and watch. Since I had my camera I decided to entertain myself with that….look closely as to where the ball is compared to where…and how he’s swinging…I laughed really hard at him.

We were getting ready to go to the casnio for a little bit here….not the best picture but I think it was try like number 3 lol.

Shane Wyatt played around the area for awhile again so Jess, her boyfriend Aaron, Brandon and I went to watch the show. He’s got a brand new band now, minus the drummer, he’s still the original drummer. Here’s Jess and I, I thought it was a cute picture. The way the bar was painted where they were playing it looked like they were playing in the Alps…which provoked the band breaking out into a little Sound of Music songs, which was hilarious lol.

And last, here’s a few pictures from Easter at my parents house. I hope Easter went well for all of you and I’m so glad that I’m back on here blogging!!!! Come on back next week when I blog about my trip to Chicago this weekend!!!!

Brandon playing with bubbles

My dad dancing with my grandma