Wow! So I thought I was going to be updating while I was out in Montana, but I got to be pretty busy!!! So Here I sit, at my dad’s house killing time while I do my laundry, drinking a glass of wine and thought I’d put up some pictures.

So before I left for Montana, Brandon took me out to Red Lobster to eat and then we just sat around my apartment. I cried when I left, it was hard to leave him. As soon as the train started pulling away he sent me a text saying “I love you!” It was super sweet! The train ride was uneventful, no creepies this time which was nice and it seemed to go quicker this time.

I’ve started to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, so I brought out my favorite bottle to Montana to share with mom. Here’s a picture of us enjoying a out of a mason jar and mom using an actual wine glass.

I also decided to take pictures of her dog Sassy, who I LOVED! and the cat Benson. Benson looked a lot like my cat Charlie I had growing up, but this was a much more cuddlier and nicer version lol.

Sassy's tongue was ALWAYS going!

She would lick the air sometimes!

Benson and I...and the game on in the background 🙂

For Thanksgiving we went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s. It was really nice to see everyone that made it. I was excited that my cousin Aaron was able to come home for the holiday, I hadn’t seen him since last Christmas and I really didn’t expect to see him at home. I got to see Tami, Tommy, Kelli and Ross briefly before they headed out to Billings for Kelli’s surgery in the morning.  They all looked great! Speaking of looking great…haha…here’s a picture of mom and I on Thanksgiving all dressed up (she’s wearing my new sweater)

 It was also really cool to see the deer in the yard in the mornings. I’m not a huge fan of waking up in the AM hours because of the schedule I’m used to with working over nights, but it was so cool to see the deer. Here’s a few pictures I managed to take.

She was looking at me...

Here's a group of 4 deer and 2 more joined shortly

 And I’ll leave the post with some pictures of family. It was such a blast out there, and the weather was gorgeous! And as much as I love being in Montana, and how I do consider it home, it was nice to be back home in my own bed and with Brandon. I can’t wait for next year when Brandon’s able to come with me!!!

With Mel and Sean

With grandma and grandpa, it was great seeing them!

With Aunt Tami at the train station!

With mom and our wishbone....she won