Okay so that’s a lie…I haven’t even done my laundry yet and I leave tomorrow night for Montana. Tomorrow is laundry and packing day…today is my birthday and I refuse to actually do something on my birthday lol. Brandon gave me my gifts last night about 15 minutes before my actual birthday…this is what he gave me:

We have to bring the jersey back to get a different size. He realized when we was talking to the sales lady that he didn’t realize what size shirt I wore…he debated back and forth between a large and a medium and decided if he was going to be wrong he’d rather have picked the smaller size…so we have to go back and get a large. He had good thinking though lol. And the Vikings mascot stuffed animal was sprayed with his cologne so I have something that smells like him to cuddle with while I’m in Montana. He’s such a sweet heart!

2 Weeks ago we went to a Bret Michaels concert at the casino because he got free tickets. It was a blast!!! Bret put on an amazing show, no complains at all!!! Here’s a few pictures from that night!

Bret Michaels

That Monday after the concert weekend, Brandon didn’t have to work at night, just during the day so I invited him over so I could cook him some dinner. I decided I’d make something I make myself all the time so that way I wouldn’t mess it up. Apparently, I can still mess it up. I made a make shift version of Chicken Parmesian….I was making the chicken, heating up the sauce and making the noodles and some corn all at the same time…forgot about the noodles and they got mushy and fused themselves together. So they lost noodle consistancy…but still tasted good. As a surprise he showed up with these for me:  It was a complete surprise! I didn’t expect flowers at all! I ended up drying the rose and keeping the petals in the piece of pottery he gave me awhile ago. It’s so pretty!!!

Yesterday I got high lights and low lights put in my hair so I’d look good for my trip and for my birthday. It looks different than from when I usually get it done but I love it!!!!

Tonight a bunch of us are meeting at  Mexican Village for dinner, because they give people free meals on their birthdays. After that I don’t know if we’re all getting together to watch movies or have a bon fire….it’s gorgeous out so I’m hoping for the fire. Then tomorrow Brandon and I are spending the entire day together, he’s taking me out to Red Lobster and then he’s going to take me to the train. I’ve already warned him that I’m going to cry when I get on the train…I’m guessing he’s going to cry too. But he’s so sweet…and at least I get good cell phone reception out in Montana so we can still talk.

I’ll also have my lap top with me out there so I’m sure I’ll be updating this while out there. I have my friends camera so I can update pictures again!!! YAY!!!!