Wow it’s been awhile! I just don’t feel like blogging much when I don’t have a lot of pictures to go with my stories, but I will try really hard to at least update a little bit as to what’s going on with Brandon and I.

The last month or so has been crazy!!! Marching band season was going on, so I had competitions every Saturday and Brandon started working his evening shifts which makes it difficult to see each other. He works 3:00-11:30 Mon-Fri and I work 10:45-6:45 Sun-Thurs….so it’s a lot of rearranging of schedules and me driving out to Paynesville in the morning to see him before he goes to work. It’s worked out so far, and we spend every weekend together.

We were fortunate enough to be able to see Sam and Mirjam when they were in the States a few weeks ago. I was really excited to see Noah because the last time I had seen him he was just a few months old, last Christmas. Now he’s walking around and is getting so big! As soon as we pulled up to the cabin they were staying in Sam and Noah greeted us. Noah immediately opened his arms up to Brandon to be held. Brandon carried him inside where Noah continued to show affection to Brandon by giving him kisses. It was adorable, until I tried to hold him and he kept pushing away from me lol. I can see where I rank.  I was going to include the picture of the 3 of us, but I can’t seem to find it now, but I do have it on my facebook page and Sam and Mirjam’s blog also has the picture of us. I think it’s adorable!!! Thank you Mirjam for taking the picture for me!

Brandon has season tickets to the Vikings. He has had these for the last 3 or 4 years or so. I was told early on that he has these tickets and nothing stands in the way of the Vikings, and I completely understand that football, especially the Vikings are his passion. Every Sunday if the Vikes have an away game we get together with his friends Nick and Andy and watch the football games. Well last weekend, when the Vikings played the Rams I actually got a chance to go to the home game with all of them. It was the first time I’ve been to a Vikings game and I had a BLAST! We tail gated before the game, grilled up some brats and burgers and threw the football around for awhile. Here’s a picture of us before the game.

Brandon and I Vikes

We won that game making us 6-0. Of course after just this last weekend and the game against the Steelers we’re now 6-1…but at least it wasn’t my fault! I was warned before the Rams game that if we lost the game, considering I’ve never been to a game before and we were undefeated that if we lost, it was my fault and I was never allowed to come to another game. Luckily we won against he Rams (barely) and I’m allowed to go again if another ticket opens up! This weekend we play the Pack in Wisconsin, so we’re getting all ready for the game, followed by some time in Nick’s hot tub…should be a great time!!!! I’m really starting to enjoy football and I’m surprised at how much I actually understand lol.