The Twins game on Friday night was a complete blast!!! It ended up just being Brandon and I with his sister, Melanie, and her husband Andy. We drove seperate because Brandon and I were meeting up with my friend Matt after the game. While we were walking to the dome Brandon took my hand, like he usually does, and all of a sudden I heard from behind us “aw honey lets hold hands like the young ones in front of us.” It was his sister trying to embarass us…didn’t work. During the game he kept his arm around me almost the whole time, or at least held my hand. Actually, he usually does this no matter where we are or what we’re doing….and I absolutly love it! At the game they were handing out Joe Mauer on a stick in honor of the state fair, so Andy helped us take a picture with Joe….it kind of worked.

Brandon and I

After the game we caught a comedy show in the MOA. Matt got us in free because he worked there, but now has a different job…which is sad but amazing. Sad because, well he got some funny one liners from the comedians, but amazing because he finally got the full time job he’s been looking for; he’s the director of music at a church in the cities.

Saturday we met up with my friend Gideon at the MOA for a short time. I hadn’t seen him in 2 years so it was great to see him again. Then we went off to the street dance. Most of Brandon’s family was there, and it was a blast! The band was horrible, but it was still a good time. Him and I finally got a chance to dance to a slow song, Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison. I love this song….and it was actually the first song Brad and I ever danced to also.

Sunday I decided to test how much I really like him….I attended his Fantasy Football Draft party thing in the cities with him. And I have to admit….I had a blast. The guys kind of looked at me funny for being there and sitting on the couch next to Brandon instead of off in the corner like the 2 other girlfriends that were there, but I really do enjoy football so I wanted to get in on this. I helped him pick two players for his team (granted I picked them solely on their names because I hadn’t heard of any of my options…lol).

Tomorrow I’m going out to his place again to have dinner with his parents. His mom said she’d love to have me over again for dinner, and frankly…I love her cooking! She has yet to make something I don’t like…but I’m also not picky lol. Friday night we’re going to a Pat Benatar concert with his best friend Amanda and her boyfriend Matt. Saturday we’re going out to the casino with his whole family and Sunday I’m thinking we’re going to see a Shane Wyatt show! Another packed weekend, but at least it’s a long weekend this time!