Sorry it took so long to blog again about everything, it’s been super busy because everything decided to start picking up at the EXACT same time.

The date I went on was amazing. We were supposed to go fishing, but the water everywhere was nasty and green because it was suddenly in the 90’s that week. Since we were going to just be fishing from shore, we really didn’t want to fight against the nasty green algae and other slime so we went for probably a 5 mile walk around a lake on a new walking path that was made. There’s a good chance it was a longer walk than that, but we just walked around and talked. It was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I feel so comfortable around him and don’t feel I have to hold anything back when talking. When we got back to the car he asked me if I was hungry so we went out for some pizza. Then he took me back to my car, kissed me goodnight and that was that. The next day, during one of my random question bombards I asked him what his idea of a perfect date is and his response was 2 simple words “last night.”

That Friday, the 14th, he needed to come into St. Cloud to run a few errands and things and asked if he could swing by and pick me up and go with him. I said sure. So I went with him to get a hair cut and pick up some groceries. We spent maybe only a couple hours together, but then he was meeting up with some friends to go to the Twins game that night. After he left I had sent him a text asking what was going on between us, was it alright to call him my boyfriend or what. Because he had both implied dating when we were talking, but nothing had ever actually been said and my family and friends had been asking me quite relentlessly if he was my boyfriend or what was going on. So he replied back saying he was just typing up a text to ask me pretty much the same thing…so we officially started dating on the 14th lol. The next night him and I went to a movie, District 9, and then met up with my friends to watch some fireworks and just chill at my friend, Adam Kuechle’s, farm. It was a complete blast, even though it down poured on us while we were out riding in the fields on the back of a truck. Sunday I went out to Paynesville to meet a couple of his friends. We sat around playing pool and watching the last day of the PGA tournament (since it was in MN I figured I could stomach golf for a bit).

That Tuesday I went out to Paynesville again and had dinner with him and his parents. His parents are so sweet! I love them!  They made BBQ chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, pototo salad (which I don’t usually like but I took some with me to work and had 2nds), BBQ shrimp skewers, fresh watermelon, broccoli (this I passed on) and some cheesey garlic bread. And then desert too! I had never seen so much food for 4 people before, and it was all AMAZING! After dinner Brandon and I went downstairs and watched The Shining because he had never seen it and it’s one of my favorite movies.

Thursday morning, before I left for Eagan to spend the weekend with my friend Matt for his birthday, I swung past where he works to pick up some things I left in his car Sunday and I stopped at Perkins on my way there and picked him up a piece of his favorite pie so he could have something for desert on his lunch break. Friday I ended up meeting up with him down in the cities because he needed to bring my license down for me. I somehow managed to leave my apartment without it on Thursday. And then yesterday I went straight from Eagan to Paynesville and got to spend the whole day with his entire family, brother, sisters, neices, nephews and parents. It was a complete blast! I love being around big families, and I absolutly love watching him horse around and play with his little neices and nephews! It’s adorable! The littlest one is really shy, her name is Autumn and she wouldn’t talk to me until the rest of the crew was beating up on Brandon. I was just sitting in the grass watching when I felt something pounce on my feet so I looked down and she had her hands on my feet, looking up at me said exclaimed “Got yo feet!” she giggled and backed up. Then she started to tickle my feet. From that point on, she wasn’t shy around me anymore. She’d point at me if her mom was carrying her saying “I get you!”

This last weekend for my friends birthday was AMAZING! Thursday night I went swing dancing (LOVE IT!), Friday we hit up the Mill City Museum, all about the flour milling in the cities area, and the History Center. The History Center had a big exhibit going on called The Greatest Generation, all about WWII era. It was AWESOME! We watched the Vikings game agains the Chiefs, and then went for a nice stroll at about midnight around the neighborhood. Saturday it was relaxing day, we had people over for a BBQ and just some good times in the apartment. We again went for a stroll around the neighborhood at about midnightish…another great time.

As for this week, I think Brandon and I are getting together on Wednesday night, probably dinner with his parents again so we can give them their early Anniversary gift (2 tickets for the Renaissance Festival because she REALLY wants to go), and Thursday he said he may come watch me bowl. His sister invited me out Friday night to join the whole family at a Twins game and Saturday night at a street dance…so it’ll be another weekend of family fun!!! 🙂