Ok so this last weekend we celebrated my best friends 21st birthday. It was a lot of her family and then me and my friend Matt. It was a blast!!! I was introduced to her cousin Brandon and we hit it off right away. We danced that night and exchanged numbers and have been talking and texting back and forth since that night. Well my friend isn’t too happy about this, and we’re not sure why. But him and I are going on a date tonight…..not a big fancy date…we’re going fishing lol. I haven’t been fishing in years, so he asked if I’d like to go with him. I’m really excited!!! He’s 23, works as a custodian at a local school and is super sweet. I asked him what made him decide to come and introduce himself to me and he said that when I was playing the bean bag game he couldn’t help but notice my amazing smile and radiant personality. It made me smile.


So hopefully tonight goes well. Sorry there aren’t any pictures…and there may not be a lot of them for awhile. I ended up breaking my camera Saturday night….apparently dropping it 3 times in a row…not a good idea. So either I need a new camera and find someone who can fix it. But I do still have my cell phone, and the horrible pictures it takes…so there will still be pictures, just not as many lol. Oh and if anyone wants to donate to the buy Niki a new camera fund….I do accept cash, checks and money orders lol 🙂