I hope everyone else had a great weekend, because I sure did! Friday I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep during the day. I had to be at the first Marching Band practice from 9-11 because they started to work on our music for fall. They’re sounding really good, they’re very small….but still sounding great! I’m excited to see what this season has in store for them!

After practice I ran back home, layed down for a few hours until my friend Adam stopped by to eat his lunch. He stayed for a little bit and then he was off so I layed back down again. But I kept the volume on my phone up so I heard every text I got….wow do some people text a lot lol. Then I went back into Cold Spring and watched some of the Firemen do their water ball fights. It’s so much fun! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s where you get two different towns firemen, dressed in gear with their hoses. There is a wire strung between two dump trucks in the dumping position with a ball on the wire. It starts in the middle and the firemen try to push the ball onto the other teams side with the water hose. It’s always a good time, and most of the time you get pretty wet watching from the water. After I watched those, Adam and I headed off to go see Ice Age 3. It wasn’t too bad, not quite as good as the first two, but still cute.  After the movie I ran out to my other friend Adam’s farm and we hung out out there for awhile. It was a blast! They had hooked up a huge trailor to a tractor, put some hay bails and some couches on it and we just drove around the fields for hours. I joined Adam up on the tractor for awhile. I absolutly love being out on the farm!

Saturday morning I woke up and headed off to the Cold Spring car show. Brad’s parents usually put his car in the show, so a few of us that were really close to him head off to hang out with his parents and look at the car. It looked like it was going to rain, so they weren’t at the car show. It was sad, but we still made our rounds. This was a group favorite that we saw.IMG_1554It was a beautiful car! After we left the car show I just hung out in Cold Spring waiting for my friends to get there that I was meeting for the big concert that night. The concert is called Fire Fest. Last year they had my friends band opening for big country star Joe Nichols. All of the money goes to the Cold Spring Fire Dept to help buy equipment and keep everything up to date. This year it was supposed to be Chris Cagle and Luke Bryan but Chris was put on mandatory vocal rest so they ended up getting 2 more huge country stars to replace him. So it was a grand total of 3 huge country stars and a local band to open. And the price for the ticket?…$25. Well $30 the week of the event. But still, not expensive for the show you see. So the people that were there were: Luke Bryan


Heidi Newfield:


And the big name was Billy Currington!


Billy was AMAZING!!! Well all 3 were amazing! I was right up by the stage, it was just amazig! For the very last song of the night Billy Currington sang the song Good Directions with Luke Bryan. Luke had written the song for Billy so it was really cool to see the two of them on stage together singing it.



The night was…LEGENDARY! Sunday I ran to my parents house to do some laundry and to show them pictures from being on the Shane Train to the Randy Travis show the weekend before, and to show them the pictures from this last weekend.

Today is Brad’s birthday, he would have been 24 today. There’s not a day that goes by that I dont’ think of him. I miss him like crazy, but I’m healing and getting better. I roller bladed 10 miles this morning in just under an hour. It was very refreshing and invigorating. I may do another 8 tonight at some point, but not really sure. I still haven’t showered or eaten anything lol. I popped in a tv on dvd and am kind of hooked…so who knows what I’ll end up doing before work.