So, Wednesdays is when I weigh in for Weight Watchers and go to my meetings and such, and today wasn’t any different. I walk to my meetings (it’s probably only a half a mile, or 3/4 of a mile away) and home. Today it’s 90+ degrees and VERY windy, but it’s a really hot wind. I went to the meeting not expecting a whole lof of a loss because I didn’t do a lot of my workouts, but I did get some exercise in. I went out this last weekend to the bars to see Shane play, and did do some dancing….well a lot of dancing on Saturday night, but still didn’t think I’d lose a lot. Turns out I was wrong. I lost 5.4 pounds this week, which puts me at 37.4 pounds lost so far since January 14th! I couldn’t believe it. My leader asked me how I was losing so much in a week and I told her the weekends I go out to the bars, I tend to lose the most. No, I don’t drink a lot while I’m there..maybe one or two, but the band is so amazing that I don’t ever stop moving! It feels so good to have lost that much weight. I’ve been wanting to lose the weight for years, and just always got so frustrated with nothing working. I’m so glad I found something that works. I’ve got more confidence in myself than I’ve ever had before, and I’m truely happy. I’ve finally overcome the depression I had sank into after Brad, and the fear that I’ll never find anyone. I know there is someone out there for me, but it’s not for me to seek him out, God will bring him into my life when the time is right. And I’m okay with that. It took me awhile to become okay with it, but I am. I hope you all have a fantabulous rest of the week!!!!