So my exhausting weekend started a little early this week. Thursday my friend Jess and Chrissy decided it’d be a good idea to go to the Twins game since they played at 12:10. We figured we could sleep an hour or two before we left for the game, and then a couple hours after the game before work. Great idea, great game! We won…but boy oh boy was I tired that night at work! It was a lot of fun though, it was the first game I had been to this year so far. And it’s the last season in the Metrodome before we open up Target Field next year. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about Target Field.

Friday and Saturday were spent down in the cities once again. But while I was down there, Jess and Chrissy were manning our grage sale we were having. I made $22.00, not bad. We still have a lot of stuff that didn’t sell, so I may be passing that stuff on to another person I know of that is having a garage sale lol.

Driving down to the cities on Friday we had a convoy going. My friends Scott and Steve were also coming down, but because we all had such different schedules for Saturday, we all had to drive down seperately. Steve knew how to get to our friend Adam’s house, Scott and I did not. I had directions but wasn’t using them because I was following Steve. Well Steve decided to stay in a lane that split and didn’t tell me which way we were going. There were cars in between us and I guessed wrong as to which direction we were going. Here’s my face once I realized I was lost…

IMG_1253I don’t do well being lost in the cities, mainly because I never know exactly what suburb I’m in or what direction I’m heading in. Luckily, Adam figured out where I was and got me to his house, after first getting me lost once more lol.

That night we headed into Spring Lake Park to check out my friend, Shane Wyatt and the Modern Day Cowboys, and their show. Loved it! Lots of fun, but not a lot of people were dancing, which was kind of a bummer. But, I did attempt the official line dance to one of his songs for the first time and I almost have it down! I was excited about it. The guys all left me half way through the show to go back to the house, so I stayed by myself with some of the Wy-ette’s that I know, and then headed back to Adam’s. Surprisingly I didn’t get at all lost and found his place incredibly quickly.

Saturday afternoon Matt, Adam, and Sarah hung out at the sculpture garden and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I love looking at art and just walking around. It was a gorgeous day, but a little windy.

IMG_1254Here’s my friend Adam attempting to eat the infamous cherry on the spoon. This is the most famous sculpture in the gardens. I love it and remember it from going to the gardens on field trips when I was younger.





IMG_1270This was a plant I found in the conservatory area. I thought it looked really pretty, so I picked out just the color from the flower type thing and snapped a picture. Not sure what it is about it, or what kind of plant it is for that matter, but I love it!





IMG_1272Here’s a picture of Matt posing with a statue of an Indian Cheif. This was inside the Minneapolis Institute of Art. That was fun walking through there too. Just a fun filled art day! After all of this, we went back to Matt’s, went out to eat and then off to Prior Lake to see Shane and the MDC again. More people dancing, I danced, got even closer to getting his line dance down and just had an all around good time. Here are a few pictures of Shane and the boys from this weekend.



This is a picture of Shane Wyatt. He’s originally from Oklahoma but moved in MN about 10 years ago.


This is Ken….the guy I like from the band. He’s super nice, I didn’t get a chance to really talk to him this weekend because Friday night I had to talk to Shane about some things, and well Shane is a talker. Ken was hanging around for awhile but then had to start tearing down and then I lost him. Saturday night I was on a mission to get all of the guys to sign a drum stick for me so I couldn’t stand and talk to him. I felt bad, because it looked like he was going to say something and I cut him off to ask him to sign the stick. But I’ll be going to their show this Saturday again, so hopefully I’ll get to talk to him then!!!!IMG_1279