Oh my! So As I stated before I was up for a busy weekend, I didn’t know the half of it! Friday before heading down to the cities my best friend, Jess, and I ran over to our superviser’s house to spend a little time with her and her dogs. She has 3 pomeranians that are ADORABLE! I used to watch her puppies when she had just 2, but she got another one over the winter. We sat there playing with the dogs for about an hour or hour and a half. Then we ran out to do a little shopping because Jess wanted a cute new shirt for the festivities that awaited us. That was a big ordeal, she’s a really picky dresser so it took forever for her to find a shirt she liked that she could afford. But we did find one. Then we parted, showered and headed out.

When we got to my friend Matt’s apartment we walked down the street to a bar and grille and had an amazing dinner. Then we just kind of sat around, Matt played the guitar for a little bit for us, until we had to head out for the band concert.


 We only got to watch half of the concert or we would have missed the comedy club. So we rushed over to the comedy club to get our reserved seats. The first comedian was hilarious!!! The second one was more of a political comedian, I was super tired from being up since 1:00 the previous afternoon so needless to say…most of the jokes were missed on me and I started to fall asleep. But it was a good time.

The next day we ran to Quizno’s subs for lunch and decided that instead of the rugby game we’d hit up the Como Zoo. It’s a small, free zoo in Minneapolis but it’s a lot of fun. It’s got some smaller carnival rides also. Here are some pictures from the zoo!!

IMG_1159 Here’s one of the monkeys….it’s a little blurry but I loved the big white ‘stache!

IMG_1163 Me with the Orangutan statue. I tried to get a picture with one that was resting against the glass, but it was too dark. All you saw was me, no monkey so I abandoned that picture.


Penguins are among my favorite animals ever!!! They are so adorable!! And I love how they live and such, how they find one mate, and they are with that mate for life. I’m still looking for my penguin 🙂

IMG_1184Giraffes are very intriguing…they just look funny lol.

IMG_1194 And last but not least, the big cats! They had other animals too, seals, zebras, reindeer, leopards, tigers, etc. I love going to zoos, I really just love animals in general. After the zoo on Saturday Jess and I left and hit up the city wide garage sales in Blaine. I ended up finding the guy I likes house there, it was a little awkward but funny. He wasn’t outside, so I didn’t see him but his sister was and I know what she looks like. That night I was in bed by a little after 10 because I was exhausted!

Sunday we had the whole extended family over to my dad and Fran’s house for Mothers day. I sat there for awhile and then headed out with some of the family to go watch my cousin Sam play baseball with Richmonds town team. They had their first victory! Here’s a picture of him and I.

IMG_1203Sam graduated last year from high school, he’ll be 19 this July. He’s the next oldest cousin next to me. I’m the oldest cousin/grandchild on my dad’s side and he’s the next, 5 years younger than I am. We weren’t close at all growing up, in fact we couldn’t stand each other but we’re a lot closer now. I’m really glad we’re closer, it makes family functions that much better.

Well that was my crazy weekend, and it all ended with me having to go to work Sunday night. That night was very hard to stay awake for lol. But I’m all rested up now, did some grocery shopping today and am now making dinner. I hope you all had great mothers days and weekends also!!!! Much Love!