So I got off of work about an hour ago and had originally planned on coming home and napping for a little bit, doing a little shopping and then off to the Eagan! But at some point during the night my supervisor came over to me and asked me when I was going to come over and see her new puppy. I said I didn’t know and she said that she was going to be home this morning from 7:30-10:30. So Jess and I decided we’d go over there between 8 and 9, stay for a little bit, head off for some shopping, come back to our respective apartments, shower, get all dolled up, pack up and head out. So much for that much needed nap! I’m hoping Matt doesn’t mind if I pass out on the love seat before we go out to the band concert tonight, because I have a feeling my eyes will not be staying open if all I’m doing is sitting around.

I’m very excited for this weekend though. On our drive down to Eagan we’re going to hit up some garage sales (LOVE THEM!) in some of the bigger ‘burbs around the cities (mainly Blaine lol), and then maybe hit up some around Matt’s apartment because he said there were quite a few nice looking ones around there. I’m sure if I find anything good I’ll take some pictures. There will be a lot of picture taking tomorrow at either the Rugby game we’re going to or an outside art gallery type thing….or who knows what we’re going to be doing. All I know is that when I get home tomorrow night I’m going to sleep soundly! Then Sunday the whole family is getting together and my dad and Fran’s house for Mother’s Day, I think sometime around 11:30….but I don’t really remember the time. Should be fun!

Update on Weight Watchers: I lost 5 pounds this week! That made me really happy because the week before I had gained 2.4 pounds. It was my first gain, and I knew it was coming but it was still hard. This puts me at a total of 31.8 pounds lost! I’m on my way to my goal…one step at a time!!!